Backflow Preventer Testing

What is a backflow preventer?
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What is a Backflow Preventer?

Have you ever asked yourself what is a Backflow Preventer? Backflow preventer is a device that allows water to go through it in one direction, but not from the opposite direction, so it prevents water from going backwards. 

It is just like a one-wat gate for water. They may be as simple as a single check valve, which at a store entrance, a backflow preventer might be considered the equivalent of a turnstile. They also may be a complicated device that consists multiple check valves, water release valves, air vents, and system to allow it to be tested to see if it works properly.

Backflow Preventer Repair
1 – Look for the Test Valve
Cock valve and the shut-off valve located in your backflow prevention valve. Both of these items are important in testing the valve. Location of these items varies depending on the product type and the manufacturer
2 – Examine the Opened Test Valve
Our specialists will test the open valve or any damage, and locate where backflow problem lies
3 – Inspect the Water Pressure
Inspect the water pressure in your house so we will have a guide once we take the realistic measurement and information if indeed the water pressure rises when the water fights to backflow
4 – Professionally repair the issue
Our professional plumber in San Diego would be able to identify all the valve related problems that you may have, and test all the valves in the system, here in Delta Plumbing San Diego , we do the job more efficiently.

San Diego Commercial Backflow preventer testing:
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You can test your backflow preventer to ensure it work properly. If you want test your backflow preventer or you have any problem with your backflow preventer, please feel free to call us.