Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposal is one of key component in the modern house hold, we specialize in repairing all garbage disposal with 100% guarantee, it is not common for the garbage disposal to break down usually it is because of excessive usage and wear on the inside components, we have highly skilled plumbers here in delta plumbing san Diego that come to your location for diagnoses and repairs, all repairs are done accurately with 100% warranty, we have been repairing all types of garbage disposals all around san Diego and are very familiar with all repairs, An operator should be thoroughly familiar with manufacturer instructions regarding what repair options you may have. To be on the safe side, your drain field should meet the following minimum requirements:
Number of Occupants in Home Size of Septic System

4 750 gallons

6 900 gallons

8 1000 gallons

10 1250 gallons
Repairs are don by appointments usually on the same day


In case of extreme wear and tear inside garbage disposal, you may be thinking about installing a new garbage disposal in your kitchen, our staff here at delta plumbing san Diego could direct you on finding the best deals on lowest prices in town for brand new garbage disposals and installations, we work around the clock 7 days a week.