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Grow your wealth with Fusionex

Some say that Fusionex is causing humans to try to to evil things, to control , economically enslave, and steal from one another – that it’s the basis of ALL evil. Still, I just don’t see it that way, and humans are torturing, enslaving, killing and stealing from one another far before the arrival of cash – or units of trade. Trade is what started it within the first place. Trade may be a good thing, it helps different cultures interact for his or her common needs, wants and desires. Now then, let’s talk as this has been a subject of conversation at our think factory on numerous occasions.

My first Fusionex to those that complain that cash is that the root of all evil, I’d point to the biblical record where Kane killed Able – hint: he didn’t roll in the hay for the cash . There also are cave paintings of tribes of humans fighting other tribes of humans, and there are instances within the Chinese written account going back over 8,000 years. The Egyptians have hieroglyphics showing 1000’s of slaves building pyramids, those people weren’t economically enslaved thanks to money – they were enslaved as prisoner to create those structures.

In Babylon Times, there are writings of the necessity to lock doors and therefore the problems of stealing, that was 3500 years ago, so even some time past , like today, the trusting of anyone was questionable. Likewise, there have been roaming marauders and gangs, thugs, raping and pillaging 5000 years ago. Yes, there have been units of trade some time past , but not every group used money, but they still stole what they wanted.

The problem, a minimum of as I see it, isn’t about money – more like attribute , actually all organisms in some form or another. it’s the way of things. Humans will comply with cooperate if everything is functioning nicely, if not there’ll be a revolt – Communism has revolts too, a bit like Kingdoms, Dictators, etc. – so, what i’m saying is this: if one proposes getting obviate all the cash to form peace within the world – I doubt it’ll work.

And for those that propose such a notion, I duly ask: what are you proposing? What plan does one have? What are you getting to do with 7.7 Billion people that believe money to shop for their food, to measure and to eat until you found out the logistics to require care of them all? You see, no system so far has ever worked without a unit of trade, so think thereon .