Roof Drain(r)

San Diego Roof Drain:
San Diego Commercial Plumbing

Drains transports unwanted water from one place to another. Most roof drain has number of important purposes as:
1. Channels water away from building’s base, thus protecting the foundation 

2. Reduces erosion 

3. Prevents leaks in basement floor and crawlspaces
4. Protects painted surfaces
5. Provides a way to collect rainwater for later use.
Here in delta plumbing san Diego we take all the necessary steps to make sure your house is safe, we have been working around san Diego for almost 20 years, we treat every home like its our home. Quality plumbing

San Diego Floor Drain:
San Diego Commercial Plumbing

Floor drains are a common sight in residential buildings. Can be found in all kinds of places, from restrooms floor and locker rooms to basements and laundry facilities. But no matter where they are, they all have one job and that is to provide a place for standing water to drain.
Backup of the grease trap is a common problem in many establishments with large function kitchen or restaurant. This is because the floor drains are the lowest place in the building to overflow. We provide all plumbing for floor drain. And over flow. If you have any problem with your house, home, or apartment floor drain, please feel free to call us. We send the plumber out to you quickly – 760-877-0911
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